A Community Striving to Never Underestimate God's Grace

the 116,000

Sunday Services

Worship Service 10:45am-----------------------Sunday School 9:45am

We consistently pursue a transformative relationship with God.

We intentionally cultivate environments for people to meet God and others.

We radically invest in the next generation.

We tangibly extend hope to those in need.


  • We invision greater Lafayette converted, committed, and contributing to the cause of Christ.

    Pastor Logan Patriquin
  • I love the people at SAWC! I have found love and acceptance here. I truly believe that God has brought me here to serve and I'm excited about the new things God is doing in our congregation.

    Judy Clemons
  • I am so excited about the future here at SAWC! Each Sunday I witness the Holy Spirit move in my heart and across our congregation.

    Karen Walker
  • At SAWC I have been blessed by the blended worship music. I also have the privilege to be a youth leader and over the years the teens have helped me to grow in my faith as well as see them grow.

    Becky Schmidt

Meet Our Team

Logan Patriquin

Logan Patriquin

Lead Pastor

Favorite Quote:
"Everyone keeps telling me how fun Angry Birds is, but I've been insulting my parakeet all week and he just seems hurt."
-Stephen Colbert

Adam Pate

Adam Pate

Administrative Assistant

Favorite Quote:
"There's no point being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes."
-Doctor Who

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