Who We Are

SAWC is a community of Christ followers striving to never underestimate Gods grace.

Mission: SAWC exists to reach the 116,000.

During the 2010 United States Census 116,000 people in Tippecanoe County self-identified as “religiously non-affiliated.” Obviously this number is constantly changing. Beyond that, Schuyler Avenue Wesleyan Church hopes to reach people beyond Tippecanoe County lines. The 116,000 is a symbol; a symbol that reminds us, “the harvest is great but the laborers are few” (Matt 9:32). The 116,000 serves as a call to action. While the gospel message is supposed to go to the ends of the earth, we know that God has uniquely placed us in this community to be a lighthouse in this darkness.

Vision: To see greater Lafayette made new in Christ.

We believe that Schuyler Avenue Wesleyan Church exists to reach the 116,000. As such, we look to see greater Lafayette, IN made new in Christ. That is, we will work to see this whole area converted (born again), in committed and sanctifying relationships with God, and contributing to the kingdom. We hope that every citizen of greater Lafayette will have been touched by the grace of God as a direct or indirect result of one of our ministries or ministry partners.

Expressions: At SAWC we believe that to be a disciple is to live a life UP (connected to God), IN (connected to other believers), and OUT (participating in the Missio Dei—the mission of God). In order to grow the type of disciples that will see our vision made reality, at SAWC:

#1 We consistently pursue a transformative relationship with God.

At SAWC radical discipleship is a non-negotiable. In order to reach the 116,000 we must ourselves be made new in Christ. At SAWC spiritual formation occurs as we help people discover the Message, my Meaning, and our Mission. We must be the type of people who regardless of circumstance or season consistently pursue transformative relationships with God and pursue holiness in all things (Lev 20:7).

#2 We radically invest in the next generation.

We know that SAWC we will only reach the 116,000 if we are actively developing and empowering the spiritual leaders of tomorrow. At SAWC we radically invest in children, youth, and young adults. We refuse to lose the next generation. We actively and sacrificially serve rising generations. We will always be a church that passes the mantle to the spiritual leaders of tomorrow.

#3 We intentionally cultivate environments for people to connect with God and others.

We must grow both in conversions and connectedness. We must intentionally cultivate seeker-friendly environments that create “judgment free zones” for seekers to connect with God and find wholeness and healing without human judgment. It is not a question of Hospitality vs. Holiness. It is a both/and. All the while we must cultivate opportunities to grow closer together in Christian unity—bearing one another’s burdens and celebrating each other’s victories (Heb 10:25).

#4 We tangibly extend hope to those in need.

At SAWC we generously extend hope to those in need in tangible ways. We believe that we live in a world of real needs. SAWC refuses to turn a blind eye. We commit to go near, far, and hard to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our community, nation, and world (Deut. 15:11; 1 John 4:7-8; Proverbs 19:17).