Global Missions at SAWC

Projects & Missionaries We Support

The Dearborn Project

Dearborn Project is a test-case outreach initiative that seeks to establish a disciple-making movement among the MuslimAmericans in Dearborn, Michigan. The Dearborn Project of Global Partners works in conjunction with the East Michigan District of The Wesleyan Church and Mosaic Midtown Church in Detroit.

This test-case project is designed to Amplify Local Church Mission in the training, development preparedness, and mobilization of workers in reaching Muslims in the here, near, far, and hard.

With this unique partnership, we seek to reach many with the gospel of Jesus as well as equip workers to fulfill the vision of reaching the nations. Adam and Krista Jones, former missionaries to the Eliya People, will be leading this project. Adam and Krista have 3 kids, Xavier (06/21/10), Gretchen(11/03/12), and Jacob (03/20/16).




Rick & Clara West – Cuba

Rick was born in Gnaw Bone, Indiana and came to know the Lord at age six in the Gnaw Bone Wesleyan Church. Clara was born in Brazil, Indiana and gave her heart to the Lord when she was nineteen in the Jackson Street Wesleyan Church in Brazil, Indiana.

Rick and Clara met while preparing for missionary service at Frankfort Wesleyan Bible College and were married in 1969. After serving for three years as pastor in Indiana, Rick and Clara served as Wesleyan missionaries in Peru, South America from 1975 until 1994. Rick was appointed as Area Director for Latin America & Caribbean from 1995 until 2008, serving from Costa Rica, 1997-2004. From 2008-2016, Rick served as coordinator for the lbero-America Wesleyan Fellowship.

Currently, the main focus of their ministry is facilitating the development of The Wesleyan Church in Cuba where they have been involved in ministry since 2010. As they travel together to Cuba, Clara is involved in women’s ministries, serves as a translator and helps to provide many needed items for Cuban pastoral families. The West’s have four grown children and nine grandchildren.

~ Rick@rickandclara.org

~ Clara@rickandclara.org

Jarvis & Sue Ferguson – Ibero-America

While at IWU Jarvis sensed God’s call to missions through a trip to Brazil. Sue’s early interest in missions and nursing led her to earn her BSN.

Before joining Global Partners they ministered in Ohio. After a year in Costa Rica, they spent 20 years in Peru – teaching at the Bible school and training pastors and leaders in leadership, stewardship and reaching their God-given potential. Sue taught leadership skills to women.

Since 2008, Jarvis serves as lbero-American Area Director, working with leaders in 20 countries. Jarvis helps lbero-America’s goal to unite in 2019 and send Latinos throughout the world with God’s love. Sue leads seminars offering hope,healing and health to the women God is raising up.

~ jarvis.ferguson@gmail.com

~ sue.yferguson@gmail.com

East Asia – China

We also support a missionary family that is doing Christ’s work in closed East Asian countries.  For more information on this family please come onsite.

Reach Out LaFond

Reach Out: LaFond is a 501c non-profit organization that was start in 2014 after three women came together with a shared loved for the community of LaFond, Haiti.

Reach Out: LaFond is committed to working along side our Haitian brothers and sisters to create a sustainable community through:

  1. Sponsoring Kids
  2. Feeding Program for our schools
  3. Building a Cafeteria for our schools
  4. Mission Trips